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Chocolate Bayou Credit Union has this to say about Dreyfus Printing

At Dreyfus Printing, “service” is not just a word. It is a way of life.

Chocolate Bayou Credit Union has been using Dreyfus Printing as our full service print shop for as long as anyone can remember.

The Dreyfus Family provides unparallel service and price for our credit union. As a financial institution, we are in need of many documents on a monthly basis, and Charlie Dreyfus and company have never failed us. Even when our folks fail to place an order in a timely fashion, this company comes through for us, and that is the true definition of service.

Aside from the many documents required by a financial institution, our marketing department has found Dreyfus Printing to be a great source of talent and creativity. The on-site graphic design team works with us, and the end results are award-winning direct mail, lobby signage, and billboards, too.

We do not use an advertising agency because our creative brand is in good hands with these designers.

On a weekly basis we are badgered with calls and inquiries from other printers and creative agencies. We do not even bother to let them quote on our projects.

We know a good thing when we find it – and Chocolate Bayou Credit Union is sticking with Dreyfus Printing.


Sologic has continued to work with Dreyfus Printing for over 14 years because the service is exceptional, the prices are fair, the finished products are exactly what we expect, they meet our often-tight timelines, and we’re proud to have the products display our company name. On several occasions, we tried other printers, thinking we could save money, but each time mistakes were made, quality suffered and we were unhappy, so we kept returning to Dreyfus.

Outstanding customer service, responsiveness

Dreyfus is very easy to work with. We email them at all hours of the day and night, and they always respond immediately.

Competitive prices

When we moved our headquarters thousands of miles away, we planned to switch to a printer in our new location, thinking we would have better control, and faster access and turn-around times. We requested quotes from three or four large printing companies, but Dreyfus was able to undercut all of them.

Quality finished products

Dreyfus carefully handles the complexity of the many different products, versions, languages, formats, finish sizes, bindings, etc. we require. There is a great deal to consider when Dreyfus receives an order from Sologic. If, on the rare occasion, something needs to be fixed, Dreyfus always makes it right.

Fast turn-around times

Dreyfus has never denied a request – no matter how small or large the quantity size needed, and no matter the rush required. Our jobs always are ready when we need them.